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 Prosperity? Seeking The True Gospel


prosperity_coverIf even an angel preaches a gospel contrary to God’s word, he is under a curse. There is not a Christian in the world that does not need to seriously consider Paul’s words to the Galatians. The gospel is the church’s most precious gift to cherish, protect, and pass on. We must never stop checking what we believe and preach. And then ask the question: Is this the gospel? Is this the gospel that God has revealed to us in the Bible?

There is a false gospel—the prosperity gospel—sweeping across continents. There are many churches preaching this false gospel. It is a dangerous lie wrapped in a covering of religion. Those affected by it are being led away from God’s good news to a man-centred deception. Paul took nothing more seriously than the danger of a different gospel and we feel the same way. Nothing is more serious; our souls depend on it.

Published by a partnership of TGC International Outreach and ACTS Kenya.

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The Autobiography of George Muller

Author: George Muller

What can be accomplished in an ordinary man who trusts in an extraordinary God? George Muller discovered the endless possibilities! These excerpts from his diary allow Muller to tell his own story. Join him on his journey from a life of sin and rebellion to his glorious conversion. Share his struggles and triumphs as he establishes orphan homes to care for thousands of English children, depending on God’s response to his prayer of faith to supply all things. Muller’s unwavering, childlike dependence upon his heavenly Father will inspire you to confidently trust the God of the impossible in every area of your life.

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The Foothills of True Grace

Author: J.B. Strang

FoothillsThe intent of this book is to take you on a brief seven day journey into the beginning foothills of Christ’s incredible work of redemption. My hope is that every time you hear the word grace, you would immediately think upon Jesus Christ and His finished work on Calvary’s hill. He alone drank the cup that you and I deserved; He alone deserves all the credit, all the glory and all the praise. May we be drawn nigh unto our Lord and Savior!

“A must read for all whom claim Christ the very best book I have ever read concerning God’s wonderful grace that truly lines up with the Word of God. I just finished my second read and use it for encouragement and to keep me on that narrow road.” – Lynn


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Realities of a True Christian

Author: J.B. Strang

realitiesRealities of a True Christian encourages professing Christians of all ages to walk in godliness, humility of heart, holiness, and piety in life. Many people will come professing Jesus Christ at the final hour, but many will be cast off forever. With such pressing truths upon the professing believer, author Jeremy Strang calls for personal examination and continual sanctification deep within one’s soul. Jeremy’s clarion call brings to light realities of Christian conversion and the resulting affects of Christ’s work of grace in the true believer.

“Realities of a True Christian is a book in the line of many others that have come out recently, that give a clarion call to the professing church with the message of true salvation. Many a church member will do well to test their lives according to some of these things written. May our Christian lives excel in the area of piety by the careful reading of this needful book.” – Greg Gordon, founder of

“This book is a must read for every person that calls themselves a Christian. So many people call themselves a Christian and live like the devil. It is an insult to the true Christian.” – Ruth

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Reveling or Resisting: A Call For The Revival of The Individual

Author: J.B. Strang

revelingAs the days in which we live grow darker and darker, God is still calling us men to rise up and stand firm in the faith. He is calling men to lay down foolishness and child-like behavior in order that we would live godly, holy and in the movements of true piety.
To simply say these things and acknowledge the narrow path while living on the broad way must cease. If we are tired of hypocrisy then we must first hate our own hypocrisy and spiritual laziness. For the great majority, including myself, it must be asked, “Is sin crouching at the door?


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Grace Upon Grace: A Story of May Eighteenth

Author: J.B. Strang

FrontBookCoverPreviewThis is a story of redemption, conversion and sanctification. There is no other date on the calendar that reminds me more of God’s grace, the life of Christ and His propitiation, than May eighteenth. This year marks another milestone twofold. First, the powerful work of God’s grace for the exchange of my sin. Secondly, for the grace given me again one year later, a blessing of blessings upon the earth, a grace given over and over and over again.

“This was a touching and yet challenging testimony to read! Touching because of the familiar similarities of struggle with sin, and challenging because of the familiar similarities of sin! A great read and will make you reflect upon your own journey with Christ; or may even open your eyes to the truth of Christ!” – God bless you Jeremy

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As Christ: A Man and Marriage

Author: J.B. Strang and several guest authors.

Today the biblical model of what a godly husband should be has been nearly eradicated. We are in desperate need for godly men, men of prayer, men who act like men, and men who will be God-honoring husbands. In his book, As Christ: A Man and Marriage, author Jeremy Strang calls men to attention. This book is brief, hard hitting, to the point, and Bible saturated. It is a wake-up call for husbands everywhere to deny themselves and sacrificially love their wives. Jeremy admonishes and exhorts men to take a close look at the actualities of living As Christ amidst marriage. Are you man enough to take this examination? Would you dare let God’s Word expose your weaknesses and make your faith and your marriage stronger? It just may just be what the Lord uses to save your life!

“This is an excellent book for all to read! There is so much wisdom packed in this book! It is a must read for all!” – Karen

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