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Fire – Brian Long

Recently Brian preached a series of messages at Westside Christian Fellowship in Leona Valley, CA. Watch below.

Amazing Grace Begs A Question: Brian Long

Brian preaches the message, "Amazing Grace Begs A Question", while recently in Brisbane, Australia. This powerful message reminds of God's incredible grace for us individually, yet challenges us if we are indeed truly following the Savior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiY9DecFFKA

Hear the Sound of the Trumpet: The Call to War – Brian Long

Listen to Brian’s newest message, part 3 of 3, “Hear the Sound of the Trumpet: The Call to War“, preached at the Westside Christian Fellowshipin Leona Valley, CA. You can listen to Brian’s first message: “Hear the Sound of the Trumpet: The Warning Call” and second message: "Hear the Sound of the Trumpet: The Call to ...

Are All The Keys With Christ?

What 'keys of life' have we withheld from our God? F.B. Meyer's writing from his book, The Christ-Life for The Self-Life, will greatly challenge you, as it did me, to examine yourself in regards to the areas of your life you may be holding back. The Lord desires and commands our full submission. May we ...

Jesus – The Only Expected Person

“In all the history of the world Jesus emerges as the only ‘expected’ person. No one was looking for such a person as Julius Caesar, or Napoleon, or Washington, or Lincoln to appear at the time and place that they did appear. No other person has had his course foretold or his work laid out ...