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Brian Long Preaching in Australia Aug 2017

In August of 2017, Brian was privileged to preach in Australia. The Lord worked mightily, convicting many of sin and need for repentance. These are just a few of those messages from both Brisbane and Melbourne (Suburbs), Australia. Grace Christian Fellowship Brisbane, Australia First Romanian Baptist Church in Australia  

Newest Messages – Lenapah Baptist Church Meetings: Brian Long

Jesus of Nazareth is Passing By - May 22nd, 2017 Brian Long Living In Light of The Judgment Seat of Christ - May 23rd, 2017 Brian Long The Boundless Love of God - May 24th, 2017 Brian Long

Powerful Story From A Frontline Missionary: Kevin Turner

In 2009 Kevin shared a very powerful message of truth, reality and power. God is indeed "causatory not reactionary." Kevin has experienced a very radical conversion and a radical reality of the "calamity that clarifies." This message will bring you incredible help in the Christian life. Powerful Story: Guest Kevin Turner Also listen to: Powerful ...

Brian Long Preaching

Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny – Brian Long

In 2008 Brian Long preached a pair of messages entitled, "Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny." A powerful message that we need today! Listen to Brian's messages below. Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny: Part 1: Deuteronomy 32 - B. Long Oh America, What Will Be Your Destiny: Part 2: Exodus 1 - ...

Powerful Working of God: Testimony of Luke Long

This is the testimony of Luke Long, Brian and Martha's oldest son. Although what you see and hear here is only just a tiny portion of God's mercies and grace in this man and his family, yet we believe you will be very encouraged.   Luke Long Testimony 2012 Dec 09 Remember to sign ...