Jesus – The Only Expected Person

“In all the history of the world Jesus emerges as the only ‘expected’ person. No one was looking for such a person as Julius Caesar, or Napoleon, or Washington, or Lincoln to appear at the time and place that they did appear. No other person has had his course foretold or his work laid out for him centuries before he was born. But the coming of the Messiah had been predicted for centuries. In fact, the first promise of his coming was given to Adam and Eve soon after their fall into sin. As time went on various details concerning his person and work were revealed through the prophets; and at the time Jesus was born there was a general expectation throughout the Jewish world that the Messiah was soon to appear, even the manner of His birth and the town in which it would occur having both clearly indicated.”

-Loraine Boettner, The Person of Christ, pg. 42-43

A few supportive passages: Isaiah 7:14 (Matthew 1:23); Micah 5:2 (Matt. 2:6); Hosea 11:1 (Matt. 2:15); Jeremiah 31:15 (Matt. 2:17,18); Isaiah 9:1, 2, 42:7 (Matt. 4:14-16)

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